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about us

We are Lovebirds - a sustainable wine bar and bistro in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Lovebirds was born from a group of Brooklyn residents with a passion for food, wine and innovation in the service industry. Through our years of combined experience in service, hospitality and fashion, we have blended our knowledge to build a unique new venture that we hope inspires the community. 

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our mission

The vision Lovebirds was built on is based on our relationships with the following people. 

Customer: We are excited to share our passions for sustainability in the industry and aim to have our customers excited to come back and try a new wine or bite each day.  

Employee: We are largely focused on employee happiness. Safety, support and communication are the main tenets in our strategy to create a positive work environment.

Producer: We plan to feature food and wine only from local and/or sustainable sources, focusing on small producers setting high standards.

Through thoughtful partnerships and simplified operations, we hope to enrich our network with a space for learning, gathering, celebrating and of course, dining. 

our producers

We pride ourselves on purchasing all of our goods from producers with ethical and sustainable practices. Through our offerings, we hope to give a platform for our producers' unique stories and give our guests an insight into where each aspect of their meal came from. 

Our wine partners have been a huge help in designing a list focusing on innovative ways of production and passionate winemakers, from near and far regions. 
bowler wine
baron francois 
zev rovine selections 
critical mass selections
soil expedition
black lamb wine
knit wines
filomena selections
mai vino
volker wines
jenny and francois selections
For more information on the specific wines currently being featured at Lovebirds, please follow the link here

If you are interested in featuring your products in our space or would like to know more information about our current producers, please email with any and all questions. 
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